Streamline your business

Automate your business, reduce costs
and generate more results with
LEAP, the cloud contact center platform

What can LEAP do for you?

Whether you run sales campaigns, book appointments, manage a customer support team
or want more one-on-one time with your customers,
LEAP is there to make it easy. Let us automate your infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

Calling Suite

Reach more people.

Your team can get through your client list quickly, create campaigns, automate calls, make sales, book appointments, and take notes with just a few clicks. Our built-in VoIP solution gets you up and running in seconds: spend less time starting up, spend more time with your customers.

Calling Suite

Reach more people.

With our easy-to-use interface, your team can get through your client list quickly, create campaigns, run through automated calling, make sales calls, book appointments, and take notes with just a few clicks.

Staffing on Demand

Scale your operation only when you need it.

Our highly trained staff is on the ready to jump-start your campaigns. Scale your operation with the perfect hand-picked team. Once your targets are met, dial down staffing to facilitate critical decision making. Our no-commitment turnkey workforce gives you the flexibility and the volume to meet your goals on your timelines.

Staffing on demand

Scale your operation.

Need an outbound or inbound call team? Our highly trained staff is on the ready to jump-start your calling campaigns.


Scale your operation with the perfect hand-picked team.

Let LEAP do the heavy lifting

Campaign & Lead Management

LEAP lets your team work in a coordinated, focused manner by queuing leads and automating the calling process. Our Customer Relationship Management solution has all the tools your team needs to meet your goals. Improve call volume and efficiency by minimizing downtime; maximize lead values by knowing who you’re connecting with.


Amplify your campaign efficiency with real-time data. Keep track of your agent performance and campaign progress. Spot pitfalls early and adjust, or replicate great results as you see them! LEAP helps you identify which campaigns are working.

Employee Management Tools

With our integrated chat, audio/video conferencing and productivity suite, LEAP has everything you need to manage your workforce. Provide training, have SCRUMs, follow up on progress, analyze performance: do more on a single platform from anywhere in the world. Our unified system brings your team in line with your business so you can grow both.

“Simple solutions.  Faster communication.  Greater productivity.”

Are your agents working remotely in different cities?

With LEAP, you can manage teams remotely, remove logistical constraints and standardize workstations. Using live chat or video conferencing, LEAP connects you to all your resources across the world. Modernize your workspace and empower your workforce at the same time.

Do you need more agents to increase your bookings?

Let LEAP’s Staffing on Demand sift through your prospect lists and book appointments or make sales/survey calls for you while offering full transparency about who is doing what in real time. There are so many possibilities – all with no overhead and no commitment!

Need to improve productivity and reporting transparency?

Get a complete picture on how your operations are running and a clear ROI calculation. We take the guesswork  and clutter out to get you the data you need to make informed and accurate decisions and keep tabs on business in real time.

Easy setup, no contracts, cancel any time.

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