Streamline your business

Automate your business,
reduce costs,
and generate more results with LEAP

What you can do with LEAP

Whether you run sales campaigns, book appointments, have a customer support team,
or want more one-on-one time with your customers,
LEAP is there to make it easy.

Calling suite

Reach more people.

LEAP Gateway has an easy to use interface letting your team quickly go through your client list allowing them to create campaigns, run through automated calling, make sales call, book appointments, and take notes with just a few clicks.

Virtual Agents

Scale your operation.

Need an outbound or inbound call team? Our highly trained staff is on the ready to jump start your calling campaigns.

Let LEAP take care of the heavy lifting.

Improve your decision making with live data to maximize your teams
productivity and booking performance.

Are your agents working remotely in different cities?

With LEAP you can manage groups remotely, decentralize physical locations, while centralizing work stations. Utilizing live chat or video conferencing, LEAP connects you globally.

Do you need more agents to increase your bookings?

Hire the LEAP Gateway team to sift through your prospect lists and book appointments or make sales/survey call for you – all while offering full transparency of who is doing what in real time! All of this possibility with no overhead and no commitment.

Need to improve productivity and reporting transparency?

LEAP gives your team the speed and efficiency of automated dialing with a powerful customer relationship management  (CRM) software. What’s more? LEAP gives management the transparency they need to make quick decisions and keep tabs on business in real time!

“Simple solutions.  Faster communication.  Greater productivity.”

With LEAP,  you’re in good company

Call center benefits:
  • Automated dialer
  • CRM with integrated VoIP
  • Reduce in call center costs
  • Increase team productivity
  • Increase appointment bookings
  • Improve outbound sales call efficiency
  • Live floor monitoring
Company benefits:
  • Lead management tools
  • Highly trained Virtual Agents
  • Reduction in prospecting costs
  • Increase in team productivity
  • Streamline business processes
  • Increase sales and lead generation
  • Live reporting tools
Not-for-profit benefits:
  • Automated dialer with CRM
  • Reduction in call center costs
  • Increased agent to customer connection
  • Flash sale/campaign capabilities
  • Market surveys with ease
  • Can be used as an election based software

Easy setup, no contracts, cancel any time.

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