Why Leap

Our goal is to develop a centralized business solution that is efficient and cost-effective for small and large businesses alike.

Our all-in-one software lets you contact customers, create new campaigns , manage sales, oversee marketing and book appointments on one platform using our fully integrated VoIP *, ICR * and IVR * systems within our curated CRM software, all in a single browser. No hardware required.

Leap’s “Staff on Demand” model gives you the power to scale your business at a fraction of the cost and resources traditionally needed.

With so many different software solutions to help run your business, it can be overwhelming for any size company.

Leap strives to set itself apart by focusing on key features that help companies scale without spending a tremendous amount of resources. Our team of developers is dedicated to detail and developing an outstanding all-in-one software to the best of our abilities.

See what Leap can do for your business.

* VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol; is a technology that transmits voice over your IP network.

* ICR: Incoming Call Route; allows you to control the incoming phone routes to a specific person.

* IVR: Interactive Voice Response; is an automated voicemail system that interacts with your callers.